Thad Jones Discography

Compiled by David Demsey 2012-15

Recordings released during Thad Jones’ lifetime, as performer, bandleader, composer/arranger; subsequent CD releases are listed where applicable.

Each entry lists Thad Jones compositions/arrangements contained on that recording.

Album titles preceded by an asterisk (*) are contained in the Thad Jones Archive collection.

I. As a Leader or Co-Leader

Big Band Leader or Co-Leader (chronological):

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Live at the Vanguard (rec. 1/7 [sic], 3/21/66) [live recording donated by George Klabin] Contains: All My Yesterdays (2 versions), Backbone, Big Dipper (2 versions), Mean What You Say, Morning Reverend, Little Pixie, Willow Weep for Me (Brookmeyer), Once Around, Polka Dots and Moonbeams (small group), Low Down, Lover Man, Don’t Ever Leave Me, A-That’s Freedom

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, On Tour (rec. varsious dates and locations in Europe) Discs 1-7, 10-11 [see Special Recordings section below] On iTunes.

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, In the Netherlands (rec. 1974) [unreleased live recording donated by John Mosca]

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Presenting the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra (rec. 5/4-5-6/66) Solid State UAL18003
Contains: Balanced Scales = Justice, Don’t Ever Leave Me, Mean What You Say, Once Around, Three and One

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Opening Night (rec. 1[sic]/7/66, incorrect date; released 1990s) Alan Grant / BMG Ct. # 74321519392
Contains: Big Dipper, Polka Dots and Moonbeams (small group), Once Around, All My Yesterdays, Morning Reverend, Low Down, Lover Man, Mean What You Say, Don’t Ever Leave Me, Willow Weep for Me (arr. Brookmeyer), The Little Pixie

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Joe Williams with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra (rec. 9/30/66) Solid State UAL18008
Contains: Get Out of My Life Woman, Woman’s Got Soul, Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning, Gee Baby Aitn’ I Good to You, How Sweet It is, Keep Your Hand on Your Heart, Evil Man Blues, Come Sunday, Smack Dab in the Middle, It Don’t Mean a Thing, Hallelujah I Love Her So, Night Time is the Right Time

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra w/Joe Williams,  Evil Man Blues / Night Time is the Right Time 45 rpm single Solid State SD 2508 [from Joe Williams with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra]

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra,  Sophisticated Lady /  Hawaii (rec. 1/24/67) Solid State 45-SD2506 45 rpm single [NOTE: these two selections did not appear on any LP during that era

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra w/other Solid State artists, You’ve Got to Hear It To Believe It!!! [Solid State sampler feat. cuts from first two TJ/ML albums (rec. 1966) Solid State SS94
Contains: Once Around (from Presenting TJMLO), Smack Dab in the Middle (from Joe Williams/TJMLO)

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Live at the Village Vanguard (rec. 4/28/67) Solid State SS18016 [Re-released in 1990 on CD as Village Vanguard Sessions 3 LRC CCD 9013; LaserLight 17138] Contains: Little Pixie, A-That’s Freedom, Second Race, Quietude, Bachafillen, Willow Tree, Lover Man, Mornin’ Reverend, Samba Con Getchu, Don’t Git Sassy

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, A-That’s Freedom/Don’t Git Sassy, 45 rpm single Solid State SD 2517 [from Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Live at the Village Vanguard]

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Village Vanguard Sessions 3 (rec. 3/67) LRC CCD 9013; LaserLight 17138 [CD re-release of LP Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Live at the Village Vanguard Solid State SS18016] Contains: Quietude (CD version only), Second Race (CD version only), A-That’s Freedom, Don’t Git Sassy, Little Pixie

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Jazz Casual DVD (rec. 4/22/68) Idem IDVD1014
Contains: Don’t Git Sassy, Just Blues, Kids Are Pretty People

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Ruth Brown with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra (rec. 7/18/68) Solid State SS18041
Contains: Be Anything (But Be Mine), Black Coffee, Bye Bye Blackbird, Fine Brown Frame, I’m Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town, Sonny Boy, Trouble in Mind, Yes Sir That’s My Baby, You Won’t Let Me Go

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Monday Night – Recorded Live at the Village Vanguard (rec. 10/17/68) Solid State SS18048
Contains: Kids Are Pretty People, Mornin’ Reverend, Say It Softly, Scond Race, The Waltz You Swang for Me

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Central Park North (rec. 6/17, 18/69) Solid State SS18058
Contains: Big Dipper, Central Park North, Groove Merchant, Jive Samba, Quietude, Tow Away Zone

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Paris 1969, Volume 1 (rec. 9/8/69) Royal Jazz Jeal RJD511 (CD)
Contains: Low Down, Don’t Ever Leave Me, Mean What You Say, Willow Tree, Once Around, Don’t Get Sassy [Note: additional tracks mentioned in liner notes, but no Volume 2 listings exist]

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Basle 1969 – Swiss Radio Days, Volume 4 (rec. 9/69, released 1996) TCB  02042  [also released on CD as *Thad Jones Mel Lewis Live in Switzerland Lester Recording LC 29004
Contains: A-That’s Freedom, Come Sunday, Don’t Ever Leave Me, Don’t Git Sassy, Groove Merchant, Second Race, Waltz You Swang for Me

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra [w/other artists) Jazz Wave Ltd. On Tour (rec. 12/69)  Blue Note BST 89905
Contains: Don’t Git Sassy, Once Around (jam session w/J. Steig, F. Hubbard, J. McGriff, K. Burrell)

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Consummation (rec. 1/21, 28; 5/25/70) Blue Note BST84346
Contains: Ahunk Ahunk, A Child Is Born, Consummation, Dedication, Fingers, It Only Happens Every Time, Tip Toe, Us

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Consummation [Japanese release of above entry] (rec. 1/21, 28; 5/25/70) Solid State SR 3110
Contains: Ahunk Ahunk, A Child Is Born, Consummation, Dedication, Fingers, It Only Happens Every Time, Tip Toe, Us

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Ahunk Ahunk / Us45 rpm single Blue Note SBN 1962 [from Consummation]

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Suite for Pops (rec. 1/25, 26, 31; 9/1//72) A&M/Horizon SP701

Contains: Suite for Pops I/Meetin’ Place, Suite for Pops II/The Summary, Suite for Pops III/The Farewell, A Good Time Was Had By All, The Great One, Only for Now

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis & Manuel de Sica, Manuel De Sica and the Jazz Orchestra (rec. 9/13-14/73 & Little Pixie on 7/29/74)) Pausa PR7012
Contains: Little Pixie

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Live in Tokyo (rec. 3/12-13/74) Nippon Columbia YP7046, Denon YX7557
Contains: Backbone, Little Pixie, Mean What You Say, Once Around

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Potpourri (rec. 6/74) Columbia K Z33152
Contains: All My Yesterdays, Blues in a Minute, Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing, For the Love of Money, Living for the City, Quiet Lady, Yours and Mine

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis OrchestraAll My Yesterdays / Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing45 rpm single Philadelphia International ZS8 3556 [from Potpourri]

* Thad Jones & Swedish Radio Jazz Group, Greetings and Salutations – Conducts Swedish Radio Jazz Group Featuring Mel Lewis (rec. 6/27-28/75) Phillips RJ7075; *Four Leaf Clover FLC 5001 [re-released in 1978 as *Biograph BLP 12059] [includes one copy signed by Mel Lewis] Contains: 61st and Rich’it, Forever Lasting, Greetings and Salutations, Love to One, Mach 2, My Centennial, Rhoda Map, The Waltz You Swang for Me

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, New Life (rec. 12/16-17//75; 1/8/76) A&M/Horizon SP707
Contains: Cherry Juice, Forever Lasting, Greeings and Salutations, Little Rascal on a Rock, Love is One to Love

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra w/Rhoda Scott, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra With Rhoda Scott (rec. 6/2-3/75) Barclay GP3084 [Archive copy signed by Rhoda Scott] Contains: Charlotte’s Waltz, Mach 2, Quand Je Monte Chez Toi, R & R, Rhoda Map, La Solitude, Take a Ladder, Tanikka, Walkin’ About

Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Live in Montreux [unreleased?] (rec. 1975) Artists House?]

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Live at Jazz Jantar (rec. 8/6/76) Poljazz ZSX-L 0637 [see also Live in Poland, Vol. 1)
Contains: Fingers, Thank You, Take a Ladder, Greetings and Salutations

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Live In Poland Vol. 1 (rec. 8/6, 9/76) Poljazz ZSX 0637 [same concert as above Live at Jazz Jankar] Contains: Fingers, Thank You, Take a Ladder, Greetings and Salutations

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Live in Munich (rec. 9/9/76) A&M/Horizon SP724
Contains: A’That’s Freedom, Central Park North, Come Sunday, Mach 2/Mach II, Mornin’ Reverend

* Thad Jones/Aura Rully w/Swedish Radio Orchestra, Thad and Aura (rec. Swedish Radio Studio 7, 1/28-29/77) Four Leaf Clover FLC5020
Contains: Everything Must Change, Feelings, I Wish You Well, Mach 2, My Centennial, nice to be Around, Rhoda Map, Route 66, This Bass Was Made for Walkin’

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis w/Monica Zetterlund, It Only Happens Every Time (rec. 8/20-21/77) Inner City IC 1082
Contains: Groove Merchant, Happy Again, He Was Too Good to Me, It Only Happens Every Time,  Long Daddy Green, Love is One to Love, Second Time Around, Silhouette

* Thad Jones, Mel Lewis and UMO, Thad Jones, Mel Lewis and UMO (rec. 12/3-4/77) RCA AFL1-3423

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, In Europe (rec. 1/2/78) [material from two WestWind Jazz LPs, A Touch of Class and Body and Soul, and as The Orchestra
Contains: Quietude, Samba Con Getchu (Brookmeyer), Cecilia Is Love (Foster), I Love You, And I Love You So, A-That’s Freedom, Second Race, Willow Weep for Me (Brookmeyer), 61st and Richard [aka Rich’It], Body and Soul, Don’t Get Sassy [aka Don’t Git Sassy], Child Is Born, Fingers, Inimacy of the Blues

* Thad Jones / Danish Radio Big Band, By Jones I Think We’ve Got It (rec. 3/21-22/78) Metronome MLP15629 also released as *A Good Time Was Had By All and *Live at Montmartre Storyville STCD4172
Contains: Tip Toe, Kids, The Farewell, Fremilo, 61st and Rich’It, Good Time Was Had By All

* Thad Jones/Danish Radio Orchestra, Live at Montmartre (rec. 3/21-22/78) Storyville STCD 4172 [Later released as part of 2-CD set Thad Jones Danish Radio Big Band and Eclipse with other DRO material.
Contains: Tip Toe, New York City (J. Kent), Kids Are Pretty People, Fremilo (Gillespie), Day Dream (Ellington), The Farewell, 61st and Rich’It, I Got Rhythm, Old Folks, Good Time Was Had By All

*Thad Jones Danish Radio Big Band and Eclipse 2-CD set Storyville 1038432 [Re-release; Contains entire Danish Radio Orchestra Live at Montmartre album, also Thad Jones Eclipse entire recording PLUS other selections.  Additional tunes on this CD are Basically Yours, To You, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Honky Punk, Bass Was Made for Walking, Baby, I Can’t Get Over It, I hope This Time Isn’t the Last, Arrival, Scrapple from the Apple, My Centennial

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Body and Soul – Live in Berlin (rec. 10/2/78) WestWind 2048 [First four tracks also released as The Orchestra Westwind 2044] [Also released as part of CD In Europe] Contains: Second Race, Willow Weep for Me (Brookmeyer), ABC Blues (Brookmeyer), 61st and Richard [aka Rich’It] , Body and Soul, Don’t Get Sassy [aka Don’t Git Sassy], A Child Is Born, Fingers, Intimacy of the Blues

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Live In Poland Vol. 2 (rec. 10/26/78) Poljazz ZSX 697 [this material re-released on CD In Europe] Contains: Quietude, Con Getchu (Brookmeyer), Cecilia is Love (F.Foster), Fingers

[also released under the title One More Time, same serial number]

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, One More Time! (rec. 10/26/78) Polijazz ZSX 0697 [see also Live in Poland, Vol 2] Contains: Quietude, Con Getchu, Cecilia is Love, Fingers

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, A Touch of Class (rec. 11/78) WestWind WW2402 [See also In Europe] Contains: Quietude, Samba Con Getchu (Brookmeyer), Cecilia Is Love (Foster), I Love You, And I Love You So, A-That’s Freedom

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra In Europe (rec. 10/2/78 and 10/26/78) ITM 920004  [contains material from original LPs One More Time, Live In Poland Vols. 1 & 2] Contains: Samba Con Getchu, Quietude, Cecilia Is Love, I Love You, And I Love You So, A-That’s Freedom, Second Race, Willow Weep for Me, Sixty-First And Rich’d, Body and Soul, Don’t Git Sassy, A Child Is Born, Fingers, Intimacy of the Blues

* Thad Jones Eclipse, Eclipse (rec. 9/17-18/79) Storyville SLP4089 [Later released as part of 2-CD set Thad Jones Danish Radio Big Band and Eclipse, containing additional material from this session.] Contains: Basically Yours, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Que Pasa Bossa, To You (later version w/no woodwinds), This Bass Was Made for Walking

* Thad Jones w/Danish band plus Horace Parlan, Tim Hagens Jazzhus Slukefter (rec. 9/15-16/80)  Metronome MLP15669 SLP4089 [Later released as part of 2-CD set Thad Jones Danish Radio Big Band and Eclipse, containing additional material from this session.] Contains: La Solitude, My Centennial

* Thad Jones Mel Lewis Blue Note Reissue Series  – United Artists UAL17008,  Blue Note BN-LA H2
Contains: selections from earlier albums, incl. Jive Samba, Mean What You Say, A Child Is Born, Tiptoe, Get Out of My Life, Come Sunday, Woman’s Got Soul, Groove Merchant, Big Dipper, Little Pixie #2, Central Park North, Mornin’ Reverend, You Won’t Let Me Go

* Complete Solid State Recordings of the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra (released 1994) Mosaic MR7-151.  7 LPs; or 5 CDs; liner notes by Bill Kirchner.
Contains: all selections from Thad Jones / Mel Lewis recordings on Solid State, including all albums, several unissued takes and 45 rpm releases.

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra All My Yesterdays (2 CDs and 89-page booklet; rec. 2/7/66 and 3/21/66; released 2016 during 50th anniversary week at Vanguard) Resonance HCD2023  [contains all known material from the band’s first night at the Vanguard, plus one month later] Contains: Back Bone; All My Yesterdays, Big Dipper (2 takes); Mornin’ Reverend; Little Pixie from 2/7/66; Low Down; Love Man; Ah, That’s Freedom [sic]; Don’t Ever Leave Me; Willow Weep for Me; Mean What You Say; Once Around; Polka Dots & Moonbeams; Mornin’ Reverend; All My Yesterdays; Back Bone from 3/21/66

Small Group Leader or Co-Leader (chronological):

* Thad Jones w/Billy Mitchell, Terry Pollard, Jimmy Richardson, Elvin Jones, Swing Not Spring, (rec. 1948) Savoy MG 12082 [Four tunes also appear on the EP Billy Mitchell Quintet with the Trumpet of Thad Jones Dee Gee EP 4009: Zec, Alone Together, Compulsory, Blue Room
Contains: The Zec (credited to Billy Mitchell)

* Thad Jones w/John LaPorta, Billy Taylor, Jackson Wiley, Milt Hinton, Joe Morello], Autobiography in Jazz (rec. 9/17/54) Debut DEB198, OJC 115

* Modern Jazz Hall of Fame Volume 1 Design DLP 29 [contains same piece as previous entry]

* Thad Jones, The Fabulous Thad Jones (rec. 8/11/54, 3/10/55) Debut DEB127, DLP12, Debut 43/44 (2 45 rpm EP vols.), America AM6054, Fantasy 6004.   Some material appears on next entry, below. [Fantasy issue released in *red vinyl and *blue vinyl] Contains: One More, Bitty Ditty, More of the Same, Elusive, Sombre Intrusion

Thad Jones and Charles Mingus XXXXX [contains material from above]

* Jazz Collaborations Debut DLP17; Charles Mingus and Thad Jones (rec. 8/11/54, 3/10/55) Prestige MPP-2506 [also released as two 45 rpms: Jazz Collaborations Volume 1 Debut DEP 25, and Jazz Collaborations Volume 2 DebutDEP26] Contains: 10-inch release contains One More, More of the Same; LP release contains Elusive (credited to H.L.Stevens), One More, Bitty Ditty, More of the Same, Sombre Intrusion (credited to Mingus)

Thad Jones with Strings (rec. 9/17/54) Debut DEB199, Debut 112 [this one track appears on Autobiography in Jazz – see above entry]

* Thad Jones, Detroit-New York Junction (rec. 3/13/56) Blue Note BLP 1513
Contains: Blue Room (TJ original), Tariff, Scratch, Zec

Various Artists Other Side of the 1500 Series Blue Note BNJ61008/10 [contains one additional previously unreleased track from Detroit-New York Junction, Something to Remember You By]

* Thad Jones, The Magnificent Thad Jones (rec. 7/9, 14/56) Blue Note 1527
Contains: Billie-Do, Thedia

* Thad Jones, Mad Thad (rec. 12/12/56, 1/6/57) Period 1208, Everest FS276
Contains: Quiet Sip, Bird Song [note: Mad Thad title song is by Quincy Jones]

Sonny Rollins / Thad Jones / Zoot Sims Hot-Cool Moderne (rec. 12/24/56) [Thad/Sonny/Zoot do not play together; all separate sessions] Jazztone J-1243; Period SPL 1204 / Period 7074/ Japan; Also released minus Sims session as Double Mint Jazz Ember CJS 835; and Sonny Rollins & Thad Jones Upfront UPF 185; Sonny Rollins, Guest Artist Thad Jones Archive of Folk Music Jazz Series FS-220
Contains: I Got It Thad (And That Ain’t Bad), Lust for Life

* Thad Jones, Magnificent Thad Jones, Vol. 3 (rec. 2/2/57) Blue Note 1546, Toshiba EMI (Japan) BLP1546 [Also released as part of double LP After Hours Prestige 24017] Contains: Thadrack, Slipped Again, Let’s

Thad Jones / Frank Wess, Olio [also released as Touché] (rec. 2/16/57) Status 8310

* Thad Jones / Frank Wess,  Touché (see “Olio”) Prestige 7084

* Thad Jones / Frank Wess, After Hours (rec. 6/21/57) Prestige 7118

Thad Jones [w/Phil Woods, Idrees Sulieman, G. Wallington, Curley Russell, Denzil Best, Art Taylor] Bop (rec. 7/57) Mode 127.  Re-released as Leonard FeatherPresents 52nd Street, see next entry

* Feather, Leonard Presents 52nd Street (rec. 7/57) VSOP 12 – re-release of Bop, previous entry

* Thad Jones[w/Quincy, Jimmy, Eddie, Joe, Reunald Jones], The Jones Boys (rec. 1957) Everest  FSR 754
Contains: Blues for the Joneses, Salute to the Blue Bird

* Thad Jones [w/Quincy, Jimmy, Jo, Eddie and Elvin Jones] The Jones Boys (rec. 1957) Everest FS 270

* Thad Jones [w/Hank, Elvin, Eddie Jones], Keepin’ Up With the Joneses (rec. 3/24/58) Metrojazz F1003
Contains: Nice and Nasty, Keepin’ Up With the Joneses, Three and One, Sputt ‘N’ Jeff

* Thad Jones, Motor City Scene [w/Billy Mitchell, Al Grey, T.Flanagan, P.Chambers, Elvin Jones] (rec. 10/24, 31/59) United Artists UAL4025
Contains: Let’s Play One, Minor on Top, Like Old Times, No Refill

* Thad Jones and Other Artists, The Birdland Story w/Al Grey, Billy Mitchell, F.Wess, Hank Jones, R.Davis, Osie Johnson (rec/ 5/12/60) Roulette Birdland Series RB-2 Re-released as part of Lee Morgan/Thad Jones Minor Strain Capitol CDP 7945742; also as Thad Jones All-Stars Best of Birdland, Vol. 2, Also released as Debut DEB198, OJC 115
Contains: Subtle Rebuttal (CD contains two takes), Tip Toe, H & T Blues, Friday the 13th (different from Monk tune of same title)

* Thad Jones/Lee Morgan Minor Strain Capitol CDP 7945742 [see above entry]

* Thad Jones/Pepper Adams, Mean What You Say (rec. 4/26, 5/4, 9/66) Milestone MPS9001
Contains: Mean What You Say, H and T Blues, Bossa Nova Ova, No Refill

Thad Jones / Howard McGhee / Kenny Dorham : w/ Billy Taylor, Percy Heath, Al Heath (rec. mid 60’s?, perhaps 7/4/66 Trumpet Workshop session at Newport Jazz Festival) [bootleg] Europa Jazz EJ1039  Also titled Best of Jazz Trumpet Denon DC8516, LRC CDC8516

Thad Jones, North Sea Jazz Sessions, Vol. 1 (rec. possibly Hilversum, 12/8/74) Jazz World JWD102201

* Thad Jones 4, You Made Me Love You w/G. Herbert, G. Mraz, Mel Lewis (rec.  Tokyo 11/14/75) Kiva/Elec (Japan) KV-204

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Quartet (rec. 9/77) Artists House AH3

* Thad Jones Quartet, Three and One (rec. 10/4/84) Steeplechase SCS 1197
Contains: Instant Blues Disinstant, Three and One

* Thad Jones/Nils Lindberg/Thorstein Bergman, Svarta Motiv (Black Motifs) (rec. 1984) A Disc ADI 3016   [Half of the tracks contain poetry w/musical background; half are music only] Contains: TJ small-group arrangements of Bunk’s Blues (TJ original), Wabash Blues, Honeysuckle Rose, Mood Indigo, It Don’t Mean a Thing

* Complete Blue Note/UA Roulette Recordings of Thad Jones Mosaic MD3-172 [3-CD set; music from Detroit-New York Junction, Magnificent Thad Jones, Magnificent Thad Jones Volume 3, Motor City Scene, Birdland Story, Other Side of the 1500 Series and Minor Strain]

II. As a Sideman

Member of a Big Band (alphabetical):

Armstrong, Louis, What a Wonderful World (rec. 5/29/70; 1988 release) Flying Dutchman AM 85013

Basie, Count Complete Roulette Live Recordings of Count Basie and His Orchestra 1959-1962 Mosaic MD8-0135 [8-disc set]

Basie, Count, Dance Sessions, Vol. 2 (rec. 6/54) Clef MGC647

* Basie, Count, April in Paris (rec. 7/55) Verve MGV8199

* Basie, Count, April in Paris / Roll ‘Em Pete 45 rpm Verve 89162X45A/B

Basie, Count, Essential Count Basie (rec. 7/55) Verve MGV8407

Basie, Count, With Joe Williams (rec. 7/55) Verve MGV8488

* Basie, Count, Hall of Fame (rec. 6/56) Verve MGV8291
Contains: Move [Thad co-credited as arranger per Bill Kirchner; his first arrangement for Basie?]

Basie, Count, Basie in London (rec. 9/56) Verve MGV8199

Basie, Count, Count Basie at Newport (rec. 7/57) Verve MGV8243

* Basie, Count, Basie [aka Atomic Basie] (rec. 10/57) Roulette R52003

Basie, Count, Basie at Newport with Joe Williams (rec. 1957) Verve MGV8560

* Basie, Count, No Count Sarah (rec. 1/5/58) Mercury 60116 {Archive contains 2 LP copies, one stereo, on mono] Contains: No Count Blues, others? [Thad arranged along with J. Mandel, F. Foster; Thad also receives conductor credit]

Basie, Count, Basie Plays Hefti (rec. 3/58) Roulette R52011

Basie, Count, Memories Ad-Lib (rec. 10/58) Roulette R52021

* Basie, Count, Basie One More Time (rec. 11/58) Roulette R52024 [Archive copy signed by Basie, Payne, 2 Franks, Grey, Green]

Basie, Count/Tony Bennett, Strike Up the Band (rec. 11/19/58) Roulette R 25072

Basie, Count/Tony Bennett, In Person! (rec. 12/22/58) Columbia CS 8104

Basie, Count/Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Sing Along With Basie (rec. 1958) Roulette R-52011

* Basie, Count, The Atomic Period (rec. 2/6/59) Rarities 52 (also released as Atomic Band Live in Europe – Bandstand BS 18010 / BDCD 1506)
Contains: H.R.H., The Deacon

* Basie, Count, The Count in England (rec. 2/59) JazzGroove 003
Contains: The Deacon, Brushes and Brass [aka Speaking of Sounds]

Basie, Count, Live in Stockholm (2/23/59) Sounds of Yesteryear 734 / Magic AWE15 [Count Basie Society, UK] Contains: The Deacon, Brushes and Brass [aka Speaking of Sounds]

* Basie, Count, Chairman of the Board (rec. 12/10, 12/58, 3/59) Roulette R52032
Contains: The Deacon, H.R.H. (Her Royal Highness), Mutt and Jeff, Speaking of Sounds

* Basie, Count, Fresno, California, April 24, 1959 (rec. 4/24/59) Jazz Unlimited JUCD2039
Contains: H.R.H., Sweet and Purty

Basie, Count, Basie/Eckstine, Inc. (rec. 5/59) Roulette R52029

* Basie, Count, Breakfast Dance and Barbeque (rec. 5/59) Roulette R52028  [Archive has LP and CD w/many extra tracks] Contains: Counter Block, The Deacon

Basie, Count, Everyday I Have the Blues (rec. 10/59) Roulette R52033

* Basie, Count, Dance Along With Basie (rec. 10/59) Roulette R52036 [Archive has 2 LP copies and CD] Contains: Can’t We Be Friends?, Easy Living (Basie Version), Fools Rush In, Give Me the Simple Life, How Am I to Know?, It Had To Be You, Makin’ Whoopee, It’s a Pity to Say Goodnight

* Basie, Count, Count Basie/Sarah Vaughan (rec. 7/19/60, 1/10-13/61) Roulette R52061
Contains: Perdido, Lover Man, I Cried For You, Alone, There Are Such Things, Mean to Me, The Gentleman Is a Dope, You Go to My Head, Until I Met You, You Turned the Tables on Me, If I Were a Bell [Thad arranged all but two tunes for this session.]

Basie, Count, Live in Paris ’60 (rec. 3/29/60) Laserlight 17423 [also released as *Count Basie en Concert Europe 1 (2 cds) 710411/412 with 5/5/62 Paris] Contains: H.R.H., Makin’ Whoopee, Mama’s Talkin’ Soft

*Count Basie en Concert (rec. 3/29/60) Europe 1 (2 cds) 710411/412 [same material as above entry, with 5/5/62 Paris] Contains: H.R.H., Makin’ Whoopee, Mama’s Talkin’ Soft

* Basie, Count, Not Now, I’ll Tell You When (rec. 7/15/60) Roulette R52044  [Mama’s Talkin’ Soft also released on The Most Vol. III compilation, Roulette52057] Contains: Mama’s Talkin’ Soft, Not Now, I’ll Tell You When (titled “Super Chief” on pencil score in TJ Archive), Sweet ‘N’ Purty

* Basie, Count, Not Now, I’ll Tell You When (rec. 7/15/60) European 45 rpm XXXXXXX
Contains: Not Now, I’ll Tell You When

Basie, Count, The Most, Volume III Roulette R52057 [one Basie selection on compilation] Contains: Mama’s Talkin’ Soft (studio version)

Basie, Count, Just the Blues (rec. 10/60) Roulette R52054

* Basie, Count, Kansas City Suite (rec. 11/17/60) Roulette R52058 [re-released as half of Echoes of an Era Roulette RE124]

Basie, Count, The Birdland Story (rec. 1960) Roulette SRB2

Basie, Count, Basie at Birdland (rec. 7/28/61) Roulette R52065 [eight tracks from this recording re-released as half of two-lp set Echoes of an Era] Contains: Thad Jones arrangements were performed that night but do not appear on LP; included on Mosaic box set: To You (earlier Basie version)

* Basie, Count, Echoes of an Era (rec. 4/59, 11/61) Roulette RE-118
Contains: eight pieces from “Live at Birdland” recording, including TJ’s “H.R.H” and “Mutt and Jeff”

Basie, Count, The Legend (rec. 10/30, 11/1/61) Roulette R52086

Basie, Count Jazz Icons: Count Basie Live in ‘62 [DVD] (rec. Sweden, 4/24/62; edited version appeared on SVT Sweden as 30-minute broadcast in October 1962)

Basie, Count, Live in Paris ‘62 (rec. 5/5/62) Laserlight 17424 [later released on *Count Basie en Concert Europe 1 (2 cds) Europe 1  710411/412 with 3/29/60] Contains: Toot Sweet

* Basie, Count, Easin’ It (rec. 12/3/60; 73, 26/62) Roulette R52106 [re-released as half of Echoes of an Era Roulette RE124]

* Basie, Count, Back With Basie (rec.7/3/62) Roulette R52113
Contains: Bluish Grey, The Elder, Touch of your Lips

Basie, Count/Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra/Count Basie (rec. 10/2-3/62) Reprise R 1008

* Basie, Count, Big Band Scene ’65 [Basie Band on Side A, Maynard Ferguson Band on Side B] (rec. 7/62) Roulette R52117
Contains: Toot Sweet

* Basie, Count, Basie in Sweden (rec. 8/11-12/62) Roulette SR 52099
Contains: several TJ arrangements that were performed that night, but do not appear on recording; included on Mosaic box set: Bluish Grey, Counter Block, The Deacon, The Elder, Sweet ‘N’ Purty, To You, Touch of Your Lips

Basie, Count, World of Count Basie (rec. 8/62) Roulette R52111

Basie, Count, On My Way and Shoutin’ Again (rec. 11/2, 3 , 5/62) Verve MGV8511

* Basie Count/Duke Ellington, First Time! (rec. 1962) Columbia CL 1715
Contains: To You (earlier Basie version w/woodwinds)

Basie, Count, This Time By Basie!: Hits of the 50s and 60s (rec. 1/23-24/63) Reprise R6070

Basie, Count, Li’l Ol’ Groovemaker (rec. 4/63) Verve MGV8549

Basie, Count, Basie Land (rec. 4/63) Verve MGV8597

Basie, Count, More Hits of Count Basie (rec. 8/63) Verve  MGV8563

* Basie, Count, The Best of Basie (rec. 4&5/66) Roulette R52081

Basie, Count, The Best of Basie, Vol. 2 (rec. 4&5/66) Roulette R52089

Basie, Count, One O’Clock Jump (unknown date, c. 1958-60) Laserlight 15 797 [live high-quality bootleg] Contains: one possible unidentified TJ original, “Untitled”

Berry, Bill, Hello Rev (rec. 8/76) Concord Jazz CJ27

Capp, Frank/Nat Pierce, Cap/Pierce Juggernaut (rec. 8/76) Concord Jazz CJ40

DuShon, Jean, Feeling Good (rec. 7/19-21/65) Cadet LP-4048

Feather, Leonard/Dick Hyman Orchestra Hi Fi Suite (rec. 6/16, 9/28/56) MGM E3494

Foster, Frank, Giant Steps (rec. 11/75) Columbia YQ7522

Holiday, Joe, Holiday for Jazz (1957) Decca DL8487

Lieber-Stoller Big Band, Yakety Yak (rec.7/18/60) Atlantic SD8047

Merrill, Helen, The Feeling is Mutual (rec. 1967) Milestone MSP9003

Merrill, Helen/Dick Katz, A Shade of Difference (rec. 7/68) Milestone MSP9019

Monk, Thelonious, Monk Big Band and Quartet in Concert (rec. 12/63) Columbia CS8964

Nelson, Oliver, Spirit of ’67 (rec. 2/14-15/67) Impulse AS-9147

Orchestra USA Sextet, Mack the Knife (rec. 1/64, 6/65) Bluebird 6285

Scott, Shirley, Roll ‘Em: Plays the Big Bands (rec. 4/15, 19/66) RCA LPM 3498 / Impulse A 9119

Scott, Tony, The Complete Tony Scott (1957) RCA Victor LPM-1452 [also features Clark Terry]

Smith, Jimmy, The Cat (rec. 4/27-29-64) Verve V 8587

Wilkins, Ernie Orchestra, Here Comes The Swingin’ Mr. Wilkins (rec. 12/9/59) Everest LPBR5077

Williams, Joe w/Oliver Nelson Orchestra, Jump for Joy (rec.  2/4, 6, 3/13/63) RCA LPM2713

Small Group Sideman (alphabetical):

Adams, Pepper, Pepper Adams Plays the Music of Charlie Mingus (rec. 9/9, 12/63) Jazz Workshop LP219

Amram, David, Subway Night (rec. 1972) RCA Victor LSP-4820

* Amram, David, Havana/New York (rec. 6/77) Flying Fish FF 057

Anderson, Ernestine, Moanin’, Moanin’, Moanin’ (rec. 1960) Mercury MG20582

* Basie, Count, Count Basie and His Kansas City Seven (rec. 3/21/62) Impulse AS15
Contains: What’cha Talkin’?, [Trey of Hearts incl. on CD EJC 55590 only, not on LP]

Brookmeyer, Bob, Jazz is a Kick (rec.6/60) Mercury SR60600

* Brookmeyer, Bob, Back Again (rec. 5/23-25/78) Sonet SNTF 778

Burrell, Kenny, Blues, The Common Ground (rec. 12/67, 2/68) Verve V6-8746

Burrell, Kenny, Ellington is Forever (rec. 2/4-5/75) Fantasy F-79005

* Charles, Ray, Jazz Number II (rec. 1972) Tangerine TRC-1516
Contains: Alf Clausen arrangement of Kids Are Pretty People]

Cohn, Al, The Jazz Workshop: Four Brass, One Tenor (rec. 5/9, 14, 18/55) RCA LPM1161

Davis, Sammy, Jr., I Gotta Right to Swing (rec. 1960) Decca LP8981

Donaldson, Lou, Sassy Soul Strut (rec. 4/17-18/73) Blue Note BN LA109F

Drew, Kenny, Lite Flite (rec. 2/6/77) Inner City IC2077

Feather, Leonard/Dick Hyman, West Coast vs. East Coast (rec. 1/56) MGM E-3390

Feather, Leonard/Dick Hyman, Hi Fi Suite with Feather (rec. 7/11/56) MGM E-3494

Francis, Panama, Tough Talk (rec. 1964)  20th Century Fox TFM 5101

Fuller, Curtis, Imagination (rec.12/17/59) Savoy MG121144

Geller, Herb, Sondheim’s Music for “Gypsy” (rec. 6/9/59) Atco LP33109  Note: contains vocal version of “Mama’s Talkin’ Soft”

Gordon, Dexter, Tangerine (rec. 6/22 & 28/72) Prestige 10091

* Gordon, Dexter, Ca’Purange (rec. 6/22/72) Prestige 10051

Grusin, Dave, Kaleidoscope (rec. 1965) Columbia CS 9144

* Hancock, Herbie, Speak Like a Child (liner list rec. 3/6, 9/68; Cuscuna Blue Note discography lists 3/5-6/69) Blue Note BST 84279

Hawkins, Coleman, Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra (rec. 1960) Crown CLP5181 [also released as half of The Hawk Swings: The Crown Sessions (rel. 2013) Fresh Sounds FSRCD 743]

Hawkins, Coleman, The Hawk Swings  (rec. 1960) Crown CLP5207 [also released as half of The Hawk Swings: The Crown Sessions (rel. 2013) Fresh Sounds FSRCD 743]

Holiday, Joe, Holiday for Jazz (rec. 2/7/57) Decca DL 8487

Jackson, Milt, For Someone in Love (rec. 3/18/63) Riverside RS9478

James, Bob, One (rec. 2, 3/74) CTI 6043

Johnson, J.J., J.J.!: J.J. Johnson and His Orchestra (rec. 12/8/64) RCA LPM3350

Johnson, Osie, The Happy Jazz of Osie Johnson (rec. 2/55) Bethlehem BCP66; also released as Swingin’ Sounds Jazztone 1234

* Jones, Elvin, Elvin! (rec. 12/27/61) Riverside RLP9409
Contains: Lady Luck (co-written w/Frank Wess), Buzz-at, Ray-El

* Jones, Elvin, And Then Again (rec. 3/18/65) Atlantic SD1443 [Note: trombonist “Hunt Peters” is a pseudonym for J.J. Johnson] Contains: Forever Summer

* Jones, Elvin, Midnight Walk (rec. 3/23-24/66) Atlantic SD 1485
Contains: Cross-Purpose, All of Us

* Jones, Elvin, Mr. Jones (rec. 7/12-13/72) Blue Note BN-LA 110-F

* Jones, Hank, Groovin’ High (rec. 1/25/78) Muse 5169

Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan, Havin’ a Ball at the Village Gate (rec. 12/20-21/63) RCA LPM 2891 / LSP 2891

Lateef, Yusef’s Detroit: Latitude 42 30’ Longitude 83 (rec. 2/4-5/69) Atlantic 1525

Long, Barbara, Soul: The Voice of Barbara Long (rec. 7/9-10/59; released 1961) Savoy MG 12161 / SV-0216; rereleased CD on Sony/Columbia/FreshSounds [Thad on three tracks]

McRae, Carmen, Carmen McRae and Friends (rec. 1978) Spotlight

* Merrill, Helen, Something Special (rec. 1968)  Inner City 1060

* Mingus, Charlie and the Modernists, Jazz Experiment (rec. 12/54) Bethlehem BCP65

Metronome All-Stars 1956 (rec. 6/18/56) Verve MGV 8030

* Junko Mine w/ Thad Jones & Mel Lewis, A Child Is Born (rec. 11/6/75) Trio PA7124 (Japan)
Contains: A Child Is Born

* Mitchell, Billy, A Little Juicy (rec. 1963) Smash SRS 67042 / MGS 27042
Contains: Little Juicy, Bossa Nova Ova, Brother Peabody, Kids Are Pretty People

* Mitchell, Billy, Billy Mitchell Quintet with the Trumpet of Thad Jones (rec. 1948) [45 rpm] Dee Gee EP 4009 [all music from the LP Swing Not Spring] Contains: The Zec, Alone Together, Blue Room, Compulsory

* Monk, Thelonious, Five By Monk By Five (rec. 6/1-2/59) Riverside RLP12305

* Monk, Thelonious, Big Band and Quartet in Concert (rec. 12/30/63) Columbia CL2164/CS8964

* Moody, James, Running the Gamut (rec. 8/1 & 4/ 64 Scepter SPS-525 [re-released as part of James Moody/Thad Jones *The Legendary 1963-64 Sessions Lonehill LHJ10313] Contains: Buster’s Last Stand

Moody, James, Great Day (rec. 6/17-18/63 Chess  GCH 8090 [re-released as part of James Moody/Thad Jones The Legendary 1963-64 Sessions Lonehill LHJ10313]

Nelson, Oliver, More Blues and the Abstract Truth (rec. 11/10-11/64) Impulse A-75

Person, Houston, Houston Express (1971) Prestige PRST 10017

Rich, Buddy, The Wailing Buddy Rich (rec. 5/16/55) Norgran MGN-1078 / Verve MGV8168

* Quinichette, Paul, Kid from Denver (rec. 7/16/58) Dawn DLP 1109

Quinichette, Paul, Jazz for Hi-Fi Lovers (rec. 7/16/58) contains one track, “Start Here” from above album

Scott, Shirley, Members Only (rec. 8/22, 24/63) Impulse A-51

* Stadler, Heiner, Tribute to Monk and Bird (rec. 1/17, 18, 19, 25/78) Tomato TO29002

Stitt, Sonny, Broadway Soul (rec. 1965) Colpix CPL 499

Stitt, Sonny, Sonny Stitt Plays Arrangements from Pen of Quincy Jones (rec. 10/17/55) Roost LP2204

Stitt, Sonny, Stitt Goes Latin (rec. 1963) Roost LP2253

* Stitt, Sonny, Goin’ Down Slow (rec. 2/13/72) Prestige PR 10048
Contains: Miss Ann, Lisa, Sue and Sadie [Thad’s string quartet arrangment; Billy VerPlanck arranged remainder of the recording]

Taylor, Billy w/Oliver Nelson Orchestra, Right Here (rec. 11/15-16/63) Capitol T2039

* Turrentine, Stanley, Another Story (rec. 3/3/69) Blue Note BST 94336)
Contains: Quittin’ Time

Tyler, Jimmy, Jimmy Tyler and His Orchestra (rec. 12/28/51) Federal 12067/8

Tyner, McCoy, Today and Tomorrow (rec. 2/4/64) Impulse A63
Contains: T & A Blues

Various Artists, Hear O Israel: A Prayer Ceremony in Jazz (rec. 1968) Jonny JBH025CD (w/H. Hancock, R. Carter, G. Tate, J. Richardson; Jonathan Klein, composer) [also released as private pressing, National Federation of Temple Youth NFTY 1968]

Vaughan, Sarah, After Hours at London House (rec. 3/7/58) Mercury MG 20-383

Washington, Grover, Jr. Inner City Blues (rec. 9/71) Kudu KU-03

* Webster, Ben, Soulmates (rec. 9/20; 10/14/63; Thad only on second date) Riverside 9476
Contains: Evol Deklaw Ni

Webster, Ben, See You at the Fair (rec. 3/11, 25/64) Impulse A-65

* Wess, Frank, I Hear Ya Talkin (rec. 12/8/59; not released until 1984) Savoy SJL 1136
Contains: Liz, Opus the Blues, Struttin’ Down Broadway

* Wess, Frank, Poor You, Little Me (rec. 1/24/63) Prestige PRLP 7266
Contains: The Lizard

Williams, Joe, Me and the Blues (rec. 11/29/63) RCA LPM2879

Williams, Joe, I Just Want to Sing (re. 6/29-30/85) Delos DCD 4004

Woods, Phil, Round Trip (rec. 1969) Verve V6-8791

Arranger/Composer/Conductor/Non-Performer (alphabetical):

* Adams, Pepper, Critics’ Choice (rec. 8/23/57) World Pacific PJM-407
Contains: Zec, 5021

* Adams, Pepper, 10 to 4 at the Five Spot (4/15/58) Riverside RLP 12-265
Contains: ‘Tis

* Adams, Pepper, Conjuration (8/19-20/83; released 1990) Reservoir RSR CD 113
Contains: ‘Tis, Quittin’ Time

* Basie, Count, Basie’s Beat (rec. 10/7-9/65, 2/15/67) Verve V6-8637
Contains: Makin’ Whoopee

* Basie, Count, Basie at the Sands (Before Frank) (rec. 1/26-2/1, 1966; released 1999) Reprise CD 9 45946-2
Contains: Makin’ Whoopee

* Basie, Count Orchestra conducted by Thad Jones, Way Out Basie (rec. 11/11/85) Philips 25PJ-62

* Basie, Count Orchestra conducted by Thad Jones, Basie in Japan 1985 [DVD of live performance, donated by Lynn Seaton]

* Basie, Count Orchestra conducted by Thad Jones, Live at Disneyland [CD of live performance, donated by Marcus McLaurine]

* Bellson, Louie, Don’t Stop Now! (rec. 1984) Bosco #7; Capri 71001
Contains: Darn That Dream, With Bells-On

* Bellson, Louie, The Art of the Chart (rec. 10/14-15/97) Concert CCD-4800-2
Contains: With Bells-On, To C.P. With Love

* Bellson, Louie, Thunderbird (rec. 1963? 1965?  Released 5/66) Impulse A 9107
Contains: The Little Pixie (small group version)

* Brewer, Teresa w/Count Basie Orchestra, Songs of Bessie Smith (rec.  2, 4/73) Flying Dutchman FD 10161  n.b. CD release incorrectly lists this as 1985
Contains: Trombone Cholly, Gulf Coast Blues, Down Hearted Blues, Baby Won’t You Please Come Home,  plus TJ arrangements for three horns of: After You’ve Gone, Gimme a Pigfoot, I Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle, I Ain’t Got Nobody, St. Louis Blues

*Brewer, Teresa, Live at Carnegie Hall & Montreux, Switzerland (Carnegie rec. 4/5/78; Montreux rec. 7/22/83) Doctor JazzW2X39521 [w/all-star big band plus Clark Terry in Montreux] Contains: St. Louis Blues (2 versions), After You’ve Gone, I Ain’t Got Nobody, Baby Won’t You Please Come Home

* Cotton Comes to Harlem (rec. XXX) [DVD] Contains: did Thad Jones write music for ballroom scene? – per C. Bridgewater]

* Danish Radio Orchestra, Crackdown: First U.K. Tour (rec. 2/22, 24/87) Hep 2041
Contains: Crackdown

* Flanagan, Tommy, Confirmation (rec. 2/4/77) Enja 4014
Contains: 50-21

* Grey, Al, Last of the Big Plungers (rec. 9/25, 28/59) Argo LP 653
Contains: Bluish Grey, The Elder (appeared on Back With Basie 7/62)

* Grey, Al, The Thinking Man’s Trombone (rec. 8/23-25/60) Argo LP 677
Contains: Al-amo, arrangement of Don’t Cry Baby

* Grey, Al/Billy Mitchell, Al Grey-Billy Mitchell Sextet, Museum of Modern Art (rec. 7/6/61) Argo LPS 689
Contains: Bluish Grey

* Grey, Al/Billy Mitchell, Snap Your Fingers (rec. 1/31/62) Argo LPS 700
Contains: Minor on Top

* Gotham Wind Symphony, American Gothic (rec. 4/3-4/06)
Contains: Northwest Suite for Concert Band [orig. 3-part composition, 1984, commissioned by Ed Christianson, father of Michael Christianson, for his Fargo, ND HS Band]

* Henderson, Bill, Bill Henderson (rec. 12/19/60) Vee Jay LP-1031 [Archive copy signed by Bill Henderson] Contains: My How the Time Goes By (arr. Thad Jones)

* Hyman, Dick, Themes and Variations on “A Child is Born” (rec. 10/11-12/77) Chiarascuro CR-198 Contains: Hyman’s versions of Thad’s tune in the styles of Joplin, Morton, James P. Johnson, Hines, Waller, Wilson, Garner, Shearing, C. Taylor, Tatum, Bill Evans and Hyman

* James, Harry, Plays New Versions of Downbeat Favorites (rec. 3/9-10/64) MGM E/SE 4265
Contains: Sentimental Journey, Cherokee, If I Could Be With You, King Porter Stomp, Harlem Nocturne, Flying Home, In the Mood, Sophisticated Lady, String of Pearls, Frenesi, Tuxedo Junction, One O’Clock Jump

* James, Harry, Our Leader! (rec. 5/67) Dot DLP 25801 [That’s Thad also appears on Big Band Renaissance Smithsonian compliation] Contains: That’s Thad, Don’t Stop Now

* James, Harry, The King James Version (rec. 7/29-30/76) Sheffield Lab 3
Contains: Cherokee, More Splutie Please

* James, Harry, Comin’ From a Good Place (rec. 7/29-30/76) Sheffield Lab  6
Contains: Tuxedo Junction

* James, Harry, Live in Clearwater, Part 2 (CD: Magic DAWE77), same as *Live in Clearwater, Volume 3 (LP: Firstheard FH58), (rec. 1970)
Contains: That’s Thad

* James, Harry, Still Harry After All These Years (rec. 3/26-30/79) Sheffield Lab 11
Contains: Undecided

* James, Harry, Harry James and His Big Band  Sheffield Lab 10057-2-G [CD re-release of selected material from previous Sheffield lps] Contains: Tuxedo Junction (from Comin’ From a Good Place lp), Cherokee (from King James Version lp), Undecided (from Still Harry After All These Years lp)

*Jones, Hank, Have You Met This Jones? (rec. 8/1-2/77) Pausa 7051 [re-released on CD, MPS 0209731MSW] Contains: Portion

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra Make Me Smile XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel and the Jazz Orchestra [Laserdisk] XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra To You XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra 20 Years at the Village Vanguard XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra Naturally! XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Quintet Melifluous XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Mel Lewis and Friends XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra Soft Lights and Hot Music XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra Definitive Thad Jones [later became Volume 1] XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra Definitive Thad Jones, Volume 2 XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra Featuring the Music of Bob Brookmeyer XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra Bob Brookmeyer, Composer/Arranger [w/Clark Terry] XXXXXXXXX

* Lewis, Mel Orchestra Live at Montreux – Plays the Music of Herbie Hancock XXXXXXXXX

* McRae, Carmen, Can’t Hide Love (rec. 5/3, 4, 8, 12/76) Blue Note BN-LA635-G
Contains: A Child Is Born (McRae version), I Wish You Well, You’re Everything

* Manhattan Transfer (w/Count Basie Orchestra conducted by Thad Jones), Vocalise (rec. 1985) Atlantic A1-81266
Contains: TJ “musical supervision” on Rambo, Blee Blop Blues; To You also included, vocal arr. by Dick Reynolds

Mitchell, Blue The Cup Bearers Riverside RS 9439 (rec. 8/28-30/62)
Contains: “Tiger Lilly”

* Smith, Jimmy, Portuguese Soul (rec. 2/8-9/73) Verve V6-8832 [features Thad Jones and entire TJML Orchestra, uncredited] Archive contains 2 copies, one signed by Thad Jones and Jimmy Smith] Contains: And I Love You So, Blap, The Ritual, Suite First Movement/Portuguese Soul, Suite Second Movement/Ritual, Suite Third Movement/Farewell to Lisbon

* Turrentine, Stanley, The Look of Love (rec. 4/15/68) Applause APBL 2305
Contains: Blues for Stan, Smile

* Turrentine, Stanley, Always Something There (rec. 10/1, 14, 28/68) Blue Note BST 84298
Contains: One TJ original: Home Town; TJ arrangements of all selections: Always Something There, When I Look Into Your Eyes, Those Were the Days, Little Green Apples, Stoned Soul Picnic, Song for Bonnie, Fool on the Hill, Light My Fire, Home Town, Hey Jude

* Valente, Caterina with County Basie Orchestra (Thad Jones, director) Caterina Valente ‘86 (rec. 10/85) Ariola 207-646 / Global 207 725 / Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFCD 889 [English and German versions released separately; vocal parts overdubbed over identical band parts; Archive contains German LP, and English version CD, burned from Lynn Seaton] Contains: The Breeze and I, Canto De Ossanha, Cute, I Love Paris, I’m Getting’ Sentimental Over You, I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, Li’l Darlin’, Malaguena, Poinciana, Solitude, St. Louis Blues, Stompin’ at the Savoy, Sweet Georgia Brown, Take the ‘A’ Train, Till, When in Paris Shadows Fall

* Vaughan, Sarah, Sassy Swings Again (rec. 1/23-24/67) Mercury SR 61116/MG61116
Contains: Sweet Georgia Brown, I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Every Day I Have the Blues, I Want to Be Happy, All Alone

* Williams, Joe, The Great Joe Williams: Something Old, New and Blue (rec. 1967) Solid State SS18015 [Thad Jones credited as conductor, as well as arranger.] Contains: Young Man on the Way Up, Hurry on Down, Everybody Loves My Baby, When I Take My Sugar to Tea, Did I Really Live, Honeysuckle Rose, Imagination, If I Were A Bell, Everybody Wants to be Loved (By Someone), Loneliness, Sorrow and Grief, One For My Baby

* Williams, Joe and Carmen McRae, Cat Anderson with the “Thad Jones Band” Jazz Gala ’79 rec. 1/22/79) Personal Choice PC 51001 (half of this material released on 2001 CD as Riviera Summit Starburst CDSB 1038)  – [features French pickup band sometimes led by Thad Jones, backing Williams and McRae].
Contains: Bye Bye Blackbird (feat. McRae), Don’t Mean a Thing (feat. Williams), Back Bone, 61st and Richard; other arrangers unknown.

III. Selected Thad Jones Music Recorded Since 1986

Small Groups (alphabetical):

* Flanagan, Tommy, Let’s (Play the Music of Thad Jones (rec. 4/4/93) Enja ENJ-8040-2
Contains: Let’s, Mean What You Say, To You, Bird Song, Scratch, Thadrack, A Child Is Born, Three in [sic] One, Quietude, Zec, Elusive

* Jones, Hank, Upon Reflection: The Music of Thad Jones (2/25-26/93) Gitanes/Verve 314 514 898-2
Contains: Thad’s Pad, Ah Henry, The Summary, Little Rascal on a Rock, Upon Reflection, Lady Luck, Mean What You Say, Kids Are Pretty People, Ray-El, A Child Is Born

* Robinson, Scott, Forever Lasting: Plays the Compositions of Thad Jones (rec. 9/17/92; 8/16-17/02; 3/11, 10/27/05) Arbors ARCD 19276
Contains: Quietude, To You, Interloper, Don’t Ever Leave Me, Three and One, Yours and Mine, Fingers, All My Yesterdays, TNA Blues, A Child Is Born, Walkn’ About, Kids Are Pretty People, The Summary, Greetings and Salutations

Various Artists, One More: Music of Thad Jones (rec. 3/8-9/04) IPO  IPOC1007
Contains: Subtle Rebuttal, Thad’s Pad, Kids Are Pretty People, One More, Mean What You Say, A Child Is Born, Bossa Nova Ova, Waltz You Swang for Me, H&T Blues, Consummation, The Farewell

Various Artists, The Summary: Music of Thad Jones, Vol. 2 (rec. 3/8-9/04) IPO  IPOC1011
Contains: Little Pixie, Let’s, Don’t Ever Leave Me, Groove Merchant, Birdsong, The Great One, Central Park North (interlude), Rejoice, Three and One, The Summary

Big Bands (alphabetical):

*Basie, Count Orchestra led by Dennis Mackrel, Live on the Jazz Room, William Paterson University (rec. 4/6/13) [unreleased live recording of Jazz Room concert by the Basie Orchestra, including a Thad Jones tribute] Contains: The Deacon, Makin’ Whoopee, Basic-ally Yours, Counter Block, From One to Another, To You

* Danish Radio Big Band, The Great One (rec.12/12-15/94) Dacapo DCCD 9424
Contains: Evol Deklaw Ni, Backbone, Ah, Henry, Biddle-De-Bop Samba, Litle Pumpkin, Blues in Another Minute, Little J., The Great One, Ambiance arr. Dodgion, Rejoice

* Foster, Frank and SWR Big Band, Fresh Taste of Thad Jones (rec. 12, 12-15/94; 4/13, 15,16/96) Hänssler Classic 93.178 [Frank Foster arrangements of four Thad Jones tunes: Counter Block, Mean What You Say, Basic-ally Yours, Biddle-De-Bop Samba]

Foster, Frank and SDR Big Band, Tribute to Thad Jones (rec. 1994 per Russell Scarborough on Elder record lift) Intercord INT 880 074,

* Mel Lewis Orchestra, Naturally! (rec. 3/20-21/79) Telarc DG 10044
Contains: Cherry Juice, Two As One, My Centennial, 61st and Rich’It, Easy Living, Que Pasa Bossa

* Mel Lewis Orchestra, 20 Years at the Village Vanguard (rec. 3/20/22/85) Atlantic 781 655-1
Contains: All of Me, Interloper

* Mel Lewis Orchestra, The Definitive Thad Jones, Vol 1 (rec. 2/11-15/88) MusicMasters 5024-2-C [also released on Jazz Heritage Society 5179015] Contains: Low Down, Quietude, Three in [sic] One, Walkin’ About, Little Pixie

* Mel Lewis Orchestra, The Definitive Thad Jones, Vol 2 (rec. 2/11-15/88) MusicMasters 5046-2-C
Contains: Second Race, Tip Toe, Don’t Git Sassy, Rhoda Map, Cherry Juice

* Mel Lewis Orchestra, To You: A Tribute to Mel Lewis (rec. 9/10-12/90) MusicMasters 5054-2-C
Contains: To You

* Minnesota, University of Plays the Music of Nestico, Brookmeyer, Thad Jones (rec. 1982) [Recordings to accompany Rayburn Wright book Inside the Score] Mark Records
Contains: Kids Are Pretty People, Three and One plus Brookmeyer, Nestico music from book

Monday Night Orchestra, Thanks to Thad: Plays the Music of Thad Jones (rec. 12/9/96-2/9/97; released 2011) TCB Records [Sweden] Contains: Crackdown, Evil Man Blues, Return Journey Pts. I-III, Quietude, Hallelujah I Love Her So, Second Race, Evol Deklaw Ni, Mean What You Say, Back Bone

* Scott, Rhoda w/William Paterson University Jazz Orchestra, Live at the Jazz Room (rec. 4/12/15) [unreleased live recording of Rhoda Scott with WP students, performing original manuscripts from the recording session] Contains: Tanikka, Mach 2, Take a Ladder, R&R, Rhoda Map, Walkin’ About

* Stockholm Jazz Orchestra w/Dick Oatts and Gary Smulyan, Homage to Mel Lewis and Thad Jones (rec. 3/6/03) Dragon CD 389
Contains: Tiptoe, Interloper, 61st and Rich’It, Thank You, Don’t Git Sassy, Two As One, Little Pixie

* Vanguard Jazz Orchestra Lickety Split [Music of Jim McNeely] (rec. 4/7-8/97) New World 80534-2

* Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Thad Jones Legacy (rec. 5/1-2/99) New World 80581-2
Contains: A-That’s Freedom, Once Around, Quiet Lady, Central Park North, Yours and Mine, Fingers, Groove Merchant, All My Yesterdays, My Centennial

* Vanguard Jazz Orchestra Can I Persuade You (rec. 1/4-5/01) Planet Arts

* Vanguard Jazz Orchestra The Way [with Slide Hampton] (rec. 12/1-3/03) Planet Arts 100225

* Vanguard Jazz Orchestra Up From the Skies [Music of Jim McNeely] (rec. 2006) Planet Arts 10454

* Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Live at the Village Vanguard (rec. 2/10-11/08) Planet Arts 105084
Contains: Mean What You Say, Say It Softly, Mornin’ Revered, Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing, Kids Are Pretty People, The Waltz You Swang for Me, Little Rascal on a Rock

* Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Forever Lasting: Live in Tokyo (rec. 11/26-28/10) Planet Arts 101116
Contains: Low Down, 61st & Rich’It, I Love You, Central Park North, All of Me, Don’t Ever Leave Me, Fingers, Forever Lasting

* Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Over Time: Music of Bob Brookmeyer (rec. 11/26-28/10) Planet Arts 101413

* Vintage Orchestra [France], Thad (2004) Nocturne NTCD 350
Contains: Groove Merchant, Mean What You Say (second arrangement/Kendor version), Little Pixie, Kids Are Pretty People, Central Park North, Tip Toe, Don’t Get Sassy

* Big Band Renaissance [Smithsonian compilation] RC/RD 108  S45/S25-17618
Contains: re-issues of Cherry Juice from New Life; That’s Thad from Harry James Our Leader

IV. Special Recordings (Unreleased, Interviews, etc.)

Unreleased Performances:

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Quintet Live at William Paterson College (rec. 9/12/74) [unreleased live recording donated by Martin Krivin] with Thad, Mel, Harold Danko, Rufus Reid, Jerry Dodgion

* Thad Jones, solo piano, The Summary (n.d.) [three versions of “The Summary:” Thad solo piano, bootleg from Vanguard, dub of commecial LP] dubbed from James Williams Archive

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra On Tour in Europe, Volumes 1-11.  CDs of live European performances, various locations, dates unknown [unreleased live recordings, dubs of radio broadcasts, etc. in Europe, donated by John Mosca] On iTunes in Archive.

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra NPR Jazz Alive! [two one-hour sets, rec. February 28, 1977;    broadcast May 1, 1977] **vocal selections featuring Aura Rully

Contains: Cherry Juice, Evol Deklaw Ni, It Only Happens Every Time, Second Race, A Child Is Born, “Collaboration Blues”** [what is actual title?), Rhoda Map, Willow Weep for Me, Oregon Grinder, My Centennial, Everything Must Change,** Route 66**

* Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, In Concert with Syracuse University Jazz Ensemble (rec. early 1970s) [donated by Stephen Marcone]

Interviews and Teaching:

* Thad Jones – Pitt Jazz Seminar [DVD] University of Pittsburgh,  Carnegie Lecture Hall, 1974

* Thad Jones Interview with Dave Spengler, (rec. mid-1970s) basis for Bergen Record feature article, unreleased interview [donated by his son, Mike Spengler]

* Thad Jones Interview with Becca Pulliam, (rec. 12/15/85) focuses almost totally on the Count Basie Orchestra, on his newly announced leadership of the band, of his own time with the band and many aspects of Basie.  Final segment acknowledges 20th anniversary of Mel Lewis Orchestra, accepts Max Gordon’s invitiation to be part of that if asked [donated by Becca Pulliam]

Grammy Treasure Chest, Department of U.S. Treasury (rec. XXX) #75-128 w/75-127. LP of two radio programs hosted by Mike Douglas, including interview with Thad and Mel after playing recording of “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”